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Sue Prince


Sue Prince
Age 82
Auburndale, FL - Devoted Health
Anytime Fitness - Auburndale, FL


Sue Prince’s “tenacity and positive attitude” have helped her achieve the healthy, happy life she enjoys today. She’s attended her gym for more than 10 years. When she fell and injured her hip five years ago, replacement surgery kept her out of the gym for six weeks. “Too long!” she said. She convinced her doctor to let her do physical therapy at the gym. He said do something every day, even if for 15 to 20 minutes. Sue still goes every day (#1 user every month!), and it’s paid off – her biological age is 15 years younger than her actual age. She loves her classes so much she got her SilverSneakers certification to teach during post-pandemic staff changes. She also loves encouraging new and longtime members to keep coming back and try new things.