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Paul Kuroski


Paul Kuroski
Age 71
Wausau, WI - Humana
Anytime Fitness - Wausau, WI


Paul Kuroski is described as “one of the friendliest, most bubbly people.” At last count, he was nearing his 800th day in a row at his gym. Until a year ago, he worked out on his own, doing cardio and weightlifting while mingling with everyone. After trying a SilverSneakers yoga class last October, he's practically the spokesperson, telling everyone what great things yoga has done for him. Every week he shows off what he’s practiced between sessions. Paul is proving you can teach an old dog new tricks. Being active and flexible carries over into everyday life: He still does his own landscaping and redid his kitchen flooring. Paul is thankful for his gym and enjoys everything he does, every day.