Fatimah Abdullah


Fatimah Abdullah
Age 69
Kansas City, MO - Wellcare
SilverSneakers LIVE


Fatimah Abdullah fractured her foot in June 2022 but counts it as a blessing as that’s when she found SilverSneakers LIVE classes. She began with exercises her foot specialist recommended, then was able to advance to what she wanted to do. She was eventually released from her doctor’s care because she had healed and was doing so well. Since she has been a SilverSneakers member, Fatimah has made exercise a regular habit, whether at home or when visiting her daughters. Traveling to a location is difficult, but with at-home classes, Fatimah is still able to stick to her exercise routine. She’s not going to let anything stand in her way of staying active and living the life she wants. She says, “SilverSneakers changed my life in so many positive ways.”