Member of the Year Award

Cristina “Cris” Brawner


Cristina "Cris" Brawner
Age 74
Eden Prairie, MN - BCBS MN
Anytime Fitness - Eden Prairie


Cristina “Cris” Brawner goes out of her way to spread positivity to those who attend her gym. She always has a welcoming smile and kind words and makes everyone she talks to feel special. As one coach says, “Cris has a special ability to connect and show appreciation through every interaction, from a well-timed joke to brighten a room, to a one-on-one conversation where she always has the right words to say.” She trains multiples times a week and is not intimidated to try new challenges and encourages everyone around her to be their best. As another coach puts it, “in order to be that memorable and to be that important in the community, you have to be one incredible human to make such a great impact. Cris is incredible.”